How it works

Stone flooring is naturally porous. Water collects, creating a hazardous, slippery surface

Anti-slip lies below the surface of the flooring when dry, so it is never walked on

Anti-slip reacts instantly to moisture creating an extremely effective anti-slip condition

Safe to Apply

The system is environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and contains no dangerous solvents or toxic chemicals. Application can therefore be undertaken with no disturbance to pedestrian movements in or around the building in question.

Moisture Reactive
Antislip is chemically bonded
into the surface pores of the substrate and reacts when contacted with moisture. The moisture from a wet shoe is enough to create an instant reaction.

Not a coating
Because the antislip system is not a coating once the floor substrate has been treated no cure time or drying time is required and the floor can be walked on immediately following

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As service contractors we specialise in the application of non-slip flooring systems for a wide range of applications.
So should you wish to enquire further about a possible application, we would be happy to offer our assistance.

We can assist with

  • Wet slippery floors in any environment
  • The prevention of slip accidents on any surface
  • Slip assessment testing
  • Safer access
  • Increasing slip resistance values of existing floors
  • The potential for reducing insurance costs