The Invisible Solution for Wet Slippery Floors

This unique, virtually invisible, liquid applied treatment can be used effectively for the non slip safety surfacing on:

  • Quarry Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Granite&Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Porcelain

Anti-slip can be applied with minimal disruption and downtime and can be walked on immediately following application.

It is effective with a wide variety of footwear and provides outstanding anti-slip properties even where bare feet are concerned.

The advantages of antislip are as follows

  • The system does not work by acid etching
  • Applied with minimal disruption & down time
  • Walked on immediately following treatment
  • Will not damage grouting or surface structure
  • Increases the coefficient of friction
  • Can be used on high glaze or polished surfaces
  • Reduces bacterial growth
  • Easily cleaned & maintained
  • non-hazardous application process

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We are the distributors in Ireland for the Antislip for wet floors system and specialise in the application of non-slip flooring systems for a wide range of applications.
So should you wish to enquire further about a possible application, we would be happy to offer our assistance.

We can assist with
  • Wet slippery floors in any environment
  • The Prevention of slip accidents on any surface
  • Slip assessment testing
  • Safer access for the disabled & partially sighted
  • Increasing slip resistance values of existing floors
  • The potential for reducing insurance costs